How can I cancel my whole order?
To cancel any order, please reach out to our Customer Service team on (+91)9075872439 (+91)9561959814 or

How can I cancel certain items from my order?
You can cancel any product from your order before it has been dispatched. To cancel an item, please reach out to our Customer Service team on (+91)9075872439 (+91)9561959814 or

What do I do if an item I receive is defective (broken/leaking/expired)?
We have a no questions asked return policy. In case you are not satisfied with the product received, you can return it with our delivery person itself at time of delivery or for later return you can contact our Customer Service team on (+91)9075872439 (+91)9561959814 or We request you to check all the items at the time of delivery.

Products purchased can be returned as per the below:

Bread/Fruits & Vegetables/Eggs/Dairy Products – Same day of delivery.

Packaged Food & Non Food – Within a week of delivery.

What is the process for a refund in case of cancellation or return?
If cancelled at the time of delivery then it will be minused from the net amount it self otherwise you can ask for change of product, product to be adjusted in next order or cash refund in terms of points in your wallet. The refunded points can be used as store credit for future purchases. In case of credit card payments, the money can also be refunded to your account within 8 working days. You can always contact our Customer Service team on (+91)9075872439 (+91)9561959814 or for any further assistance on the issue. Please note: Cash refunds are also a part of our refund policy if required.